Sponsor and plundered Bengal state

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Q. After 1757 there  grew up a state of  Bengal which was a “sponsor state” as well as a “plundered state”. Comment.

Q. 1757 के बाद एक बंगाल राज्य उभर कर आया जो कि एक प्रायोजित राज्य भी था और लूटा हुआ राज्य भी//टिप्पणी कीजिए //

Answer:- Battle of Plassy won by the British in 1753. This was a great opportunity for them because Bengal was a rich State.

Introduction of the dual rule by Robert Clive

After Battle of Plassy, British installed puppet Mir Jaffer as the King and get the Diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Odisha.

Meaning of Sponsored State

Company installed the Mir Jaffar as the King while the real master was the company.

Company do it for hiding its aspiration for winning the India because at that time company was not ready to rule. Battle were going on with the French in India as well as the other Colonies of the world.

When Mir Jafar revolted, he get replaced by the Mir Kasim.

Company was the King Maker and ruling the Bengal indirectly. Company was enforcing the desired policy for getting more and more revenue.

Meaning of Plundered State

It represented the looting nature of the British East India Company. Company get the Diwani of the Bengal, Bihar and Odisha. But the responsibility of maintaining law and order, protecting life and propery were given to the King.

King has no right but only responsibility while the company has only right but no responsibility.

Further, Company did not use the revenue for the welfare of of the people. They use it for funding the War, paying the share to the king of Britain. This cause the drain of Wealth.

They also misuse the dastak which created a disadvantage for the Indian traders. They buy the goods form the money they get and make profit. This also stop the flow of the bullion from the West to India.

Company policy brought the Poverty, Unemployment, and famine to Bengal. This cause the death of the lakhs of people.

Thus the dual rule introduced by the Robert Clive represent the Sponsored as well as Plundered State.

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