Critically analyse whether the success of the Mughals is to be credited to their robust Jagirdari and Mansabdari system. (2019)

Ans. The factor for the success of the long-lasting timeline of the great Mughals can be attributed to their administrative and economic eficiency, although their political accomplishments and far reaching vision too played a major role.

The Jagirdari and Mansabdari systems were the robust pillars of the Mughal Empire due to following aspects :

They ensured that the administrative efìciency and accountability was balanced along with the systematic economic incentives which acted as catalysts for their growth.

The Jagirdari System was based on transferrable revenue assignments at least for the Tankhwa Jagirs and Mashrut jagirs, though Watan jagirs and Inam Jagirs were sort of permanent.

Also, a proper land revenue system marked with robust Todarmal Bandobast and Dahsala system balanced the income and economy of the Jagirs, both for the officers and for the center.

The Mansabdari provided a sense of healthy competition among the Nobles to do good work and be in the good books of the king as it ensured the rank and salary of the officials.

These officials were given Zat and they had to maintain sawar on account of their ranks. Thus, most of the time they wanted to increase their rank and for this, beneficial and favourable work for the court had to be done.

Thus, a proper synthesis between the Jagirdari and Mansabdari Systems existed which complemented each other.

However, these two systems were working properly only because of the visionary political strategy as the fear of the Rajputs had diluted because most of them were granted the Watan Jagirs.

The diplomatic relationship also gave immunity to the Mughal Empire from any external aggression (at least till the Great Mughals).

Moreover, any sort of injustice was not accepted and hence this inculcated a feeling of trust between the king and his subjects, which augmented with the liberal and secular attitude of the kings like that of Akbar.

This too fostered the success of the great Mughal Empire.

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