Dupleix cardinal blunder

Dupleix made a cardinal blunder in looking for key to India in Madras,Clive sought and found it in Bengal. Comment. (2013)

Dupleix was the French Governor wanted the political control for Economical and Political benefits. Same strategy was followed by the British in the Bengal. As they wanted to control the King. But in this strategy Britishers won while the Dupliex failed.

Reason of the Dupliex to fail:-

1. Poor financial resource base in the south as compare to the Bengal.

2. French East India Company was a Public Company where funds and autonomy was not available. Dupliex used his personal funds for managing company affairs for gaining political benefits.

3. French didn’t know the strategic importance of the India so they left the seize over Madras in first carnatic war while Britishers know the importance of India so they get back the Madras by loosing Louis Burg in the treaty of Aix la Chaplle.

4. Dupliex has only one strategic base at Pondichery while Britishers have three Strategic bases at Bombay, Madras and Calcutta.

Reason of the Clive to win India form Bengal:-

1. BEIC was a private company and official have the autonomy to take the decisions which help them to take fast and furious decision.

2. British officials were not criticized after the failure but teach not to repeat the mistake and learn from mistake.

3. Bengal was resourceful wealthy state used to fund the War with the other European Powers in the India

4.Bengal was a port state and contributed 25 percent in the world trade. Its clothes quality was unbeatable which make it bullion magnet which played an important in making India a golden Bird. After getting the Bengal revenue company fund its war and expanded its empire in India. This also helpful for the success of Industrial revolution of Britain.

5. Strategically Bengal can be called as the Heart of India from where the whole at the centre of India form where whole India can be regulated. Military help can be called through Sea.

6. Internal feuds and aspiration among the family members of the rulling class. This was used by the Clive to make an alliance with Mir Jaffar and other people against the King Sirajudaula.

7. Also the poor governance in the state due to which people were unhappy with ruler. So people get happy with the death of the King in the Battle of Plassy. People through the flowers on the Clive to welcoming him for getting relief from the unworthy ruler.


So V.A. Smith was right in saying: “Neither Alexander the Great nor Napoleon could have won the empire of India by starting from Pondicherry as a base and contending with a power which held Bengal and command of the Sea.

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