Index and Reports for UPSC


Various Index From June 2018-Feb 2019,

1. Global Hunger Index|By WealthHungerhilfe&Concern Worldwide|2018:Intl Food Policy Research not Participate|Based:Undernourishment, C. Stunting, Child wasting, C. Mortality|India:103/119|

2. Human Capital Index|By World Bank|Th:The Changing World|India:0.44 Productivity|

3. Commitment to Reduce Inequality Index|by Oxfam& Development Finance Intl.|India:147/157| Base on Social Spending, Tax7Labour Rights|1st Denmark|IN 6th among 8 South Asian|  Global Corruption Index:Transparncy Intl.| World Inequality Report:Thomas Piketty& LucasChancel|

4. Asian Economic IntegrationReport,2018|by ADB|Asia source of largest migrant|Top:India>China>Bang

5. Multidimensional Poverty Index|by Oxford Poverty&Human Dev Initiative & UNDP|Value:1 Higest Deprivation, 0: Lowest Deprivation| India MPI:0.121,2016|IN,Higher than BRICS(Except Russia)|Lowest South Asia|

6. Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas|by World Wide Fund For Nature|part of Bi-annuall living Planet Report|

7. Global Gender Gap Report,2018|by WEF|India:108/149,same in 2017|

8. SDG-Index|by NITI Ayog|by MoSPI with Global Green Growth&UN|Top:KL,HP,TN|Last:UP,Bh,Asm|

9. Global Economic Prospects Report,2018|by World Bank|IN,GDP2018-19:7.3%,Fastest in World|

10.Democracy Index,2018|by Economist Intelligence Unit:EIU|60Indicators in 5 Categ|4Democracy:Full, Flawed, Hybrid Regime &Authoritarian|Aus&NZ Full Demo.|India:41st :Flawed Demo.:7.23/10|

11.Future of Consumption in Fast Growth Market, IN|By World EconomicFor:WEF|Survey by Brain &Co.|

12.Global Talent Competitive Index,2019|by INSEAD,TATA &Adecco Group|on 68 variables|

13.Global Innovation Index|by Cornell Univ.,INSEAD&WPO|Innovation Input&Output SubIndex|

14.FUTURE OF WORK Report| by Intl Labour Organisation: ILO|GIG Economy:Temporary JOB,Part time|

15.World Economic Situation&Prospects,2019|UN|Many Agency|India Fastest Grow Eco. Till 2020||

16.World Economic Situation & Prospect2018|by UN Dept. Economic&Social,UNCTAD & 5 UN Commission| India GDP Growth 2019:7.6%|World:3% Growth|

17.Intl IP Index 2019|by US Chamber of Commerce GIPC|IN improved Rank:36/50|2018,IN:44/50|

18.Curruption Perception Index 2018|by Transparency Intl.|0:Highly Currupt|100:Very Clean|1st:Denm ,2nd:NZ|India-2016:79th 2017:81st ,2018:78th|Score-2018:41|

19.Global Go To Think Tank|By Think Tank&Civil Societies Program,Lauder Institute,Universityof Pensylvania| Ranking to ThinkTank|Highest TT No.:US>IN>Chn|Top TT:US Brooking Institute>French Institute Intl Relation|ObserverResearch Found. Highest Rank in IN|Base on 4 Parameter|

Up to Feb 2019